Create your own themed experience using the concept of Alistar Humpries Microadventure as a base has been the focus of the second assignment. Take something simple and prototype an experience that can be commercialised.

Here is an interesting example of a company that has done just that created a range of themed experiences out of walking. The Museum of Walking below is their description of what they do


We are a family run business that develops and delivers walking events. Our walks are mainly artist led, depending on the event you choose there will be a mix of drawing, bricolage and learning. Our focus is to be creative using walking as the art form. Participants come and explore an area, learn something new and develop skills. Group participation is fun and stimulating and you will be part of a walking performance. ‘The art is in taking part’ which we call ‘walking creatively‘.

We have been walking alongside artists, museums and landscape professionals and delivering walking experiences for over ten years. Let us guide you on a creative, reflective journey to explore art, look at artists work whilst walking. Guaranteed to stimulate the mind, the Museum of Walking shows many new directions to old ideas