Just how many ways are there to create a differentiated coffee experience.

Here is the latest concept from the team that is Monocle a European styled magazine kiosk combined with cafe set off by the backdrop that is London.

Introducing kioskafe  Worth checking out the webpage just to download the amazing lists of available material from around the world – must say a bit impressed.

Here is how they describe the concept

The concept

A new project from the founders of Monocle: the perfect newsstand and coffee bar. Just launched in London’s Paddington, Kioskafé is not only a new addition to the neighbourhood surrounding one of Europe’s busiest transport hubs but a new retail model for busy travellers, magazine fans and lovers of coffee roasted by talented Kiwis.
Developed as a response to the shrinking news trade, the handsomely designed space is a celebration of print, putting the written word, fine images and crisp paper centre stage. In addition to delivering the best periodicals, Kioskafé also serves the best Allpress coffee and stocks essentials for those out on the road: toothpaste, Swiss undies, a spritz of cologne and good hair wax, among other things.