Sometimes you hit absolute pay dirt. I showed this TED talk video to my MBA students as part of a class on the Hospitality industry and the importance of the built environment. Unlike most teaching videos I had not viewed the film before class – the link after all had only appeared in the email inbox a couple of hours before class. But the title suggested it directly related to the seminar topic. It was worth the risk.

Ole Scheeren is an amazing architect- a really amazing architect. The MBA students were enthralled.

BUT….. Why post the video here? Well this is possibly the best, most sophisticated example of just how Servicescapes or the built environment contribute to experiences – experiences on a grand scale. The experience of a city, of work, of home and finally leisure (watch the last built space – a leisure space – it is just do 😎😎😎😎). The building all tell a STORY – this is grand story telling – story telling at a monumental scale.

If you want to understand the importance of many of the concept that underpin this unit them spend 16 mins engaging with this video.  Worthwhile!!!!

and leave a comment – would you like to go to the movies?