One topic that we look at in some depth is the changing nature of work in the experience of economy. From the concept of work as theatre to the role of servicescapes play in structuring the service encounter we examine how the experience economy is changing how we work.

An interesting development has been the rise of co working spaces in a huge number of cities around the world. Spaces aimed at providing workers in the creative industries particularly start ups places to work. These spaces, part work part social are designed to stimulate the work environment, provide cross fertilisation of ideas and promote a more mobile flexible way of working.

This London focused article Read Here discusses this phenomenon in the context of the experience economy identifying what they have labeled “place experience”. This hybrid use of space is challenging traditional urban planning models and offers a new potentially disruptive model of real estate use. While the article is London focused the phenomenon is proving global.

As an aside much of the work designing, developing and running this unit has been purposefully conducted using the principles of “place experience” from a Newcastle coffee shop. When the unit was redesigned to take advantage of the iPad initiative it was felt that if we wanted students to embrace mobile learning then we should embrace mobile working. For me the choice of a cafe was important, it was a hospitality space, coffee shops are at the forefront of a new one convo my. The cafe selected was one that encouraged mobile workers as part of their customer mix, there is enough space to not be a nuisance when the cafe was busy with other coffee shop clients, there is good free wifi and of course excellant coffee. The experience has been positive. Meeting other workers from a wide range of industries, a sports social media company, Nepalese trekking company, web designers, union officials all make regular use of the cafe I use has been stimulating and has enriched the unit as a result.