One of the most interesting statistics I remember from my UG degree relates to how far Americans walk from their cars in their National Parks – it was slightly less than 10m. This stat then lead into a talk about site use management in wildness/natural/scenic areas and the balancing of visitor experience with infrastructure and preservation. Throw in competing ideologies on how natural areas should be used and you have a fascinating topic.

The link below is to an article on the proposed tourism develop the related to the 12 apostles region in Victoria.  Read article here  Site use conflict is explored as is the changing nature of the visitor experience. The area is stunning with potential to capture more tourists (and the economic benefits) and offer better more engaging experiences.

I note the comment re helicopters- I had a ride in one – spectacular but I do agree with the noise comment.

Good article, worth a read and discussion about this type of soft adventure tourism and the planning behind the customer experience.