I am sure there is more interesting ways to engage with some of the topics studied at uni. A way to make learning a more fun and engaging experience. Large lectures allow two hours of unfocused ‘mind wandering’ but the worst has to be trying to listen to a recorded lecture 😱

Maybe this would a a more interesting idea

Raising the Bar is a worldwide initiative aimed at making education a part of a city’s popular culture. We create one of a kind, knowledge-driven events in unusual locations. Our goal is to raise the bar on the content people consume in their everyday lives.
Raising the Bar is an initiative aimed at making education part of a city’s popular culture. The first Raising the Bar event saw 20 talks given in20 bars across New York City. The NYC team have since expanded to 50 talks and 50 bars all on one night. Since its inception Raising the Bar has gone global with events cropping up in San Francisco and Hong Kong. We are partnering with Raising the Bar to deliver their first Sydney event. On Tuesday 20 October we will hold 20 free public talks by University academics in bars around the city.
The aim is to make education accessible by bringing an interesting academic perspective to hot topics that will attract a broad audience. The talks will range on topics from “Did Doping Ruin the Tour de France” to “The Real Women of Westeros”.

Sounds like more fun – here is a glimpse of what the event looked like in Hong Kong

Tuesday 20th of October sees Sydney’s turn Event Details