Tim provides a very insightful story about the creation of an experience. Useful to think about how the keeper saw the training of the cub as a chance to create connections and memorabilia. Wonder how many times people posted their cub photos to social media sites with Dreamworld clearly identified?

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During a visit to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast of Australia we decided take in one of the two tiger shows which are aimed at demonstrating natural behaviours.  Upon walking to the Tiger Island we noticed that a crowd had formed just before the main area, and upon investigating we found a zookeeper and one of the new Tiger cubs undertaking some training in one of the enclosures.

The keeper then came over the crowd and one by one took people’s mobile phones and other devices and proceeded to take some up close and personal photos of the new cub.


The keeper taking photos provided guests with an element of surprise as not only were people not expecting to see the Tiger cubs, but they had never imagined they would be provided with some up close and personal photos to take home as free memorabilia.  The keepers also used this as…

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