What is the future of the restaurant experience? These two examples may map the binary nature of future experiences.

Firstly, the cheap no frills technology driven experience as characterised by San Fransisco restaurant Eatsa in this New York Times story.


Or is it the sensory overloaded experience of Ultraviolet restaurant in Shanghai.

Both examples provide insight into not only the changing nature of food/dining experiences but also the changing nature of work. Importantly in both examples is the role technology plays in the creation of the experience.

PS – what does Gen Y want in the restaurant experience

Gen Y restaurant experience

PPS – it is obvious that some of the above articles are currently doing the rounds of social media – here is one of the more interesting responses Automat eating.

PPPS – yet another article http://mobileworldcapital.com/the-future-of-restaurants-is-no-restaurant-startups-changing-the-way-we-eat/