Strange how serendipity works. Looking through the news feed of my FB page I noticed this video posted by somebody I was surprised would be interested in a TV show such as America’s got Talent. Well curiosity had the better of me – watch the clip.

Amazing performance – YES!!         So I was interested – what would a quick Google search turn up?

Here is the website of the company that creates the ‘dance show’. (The website is well worth a look for the other videos available)

This is how they describe themselves;
FRECKLED SKY TEAM is creating new forms of entertainment using high-end technologies. And yet it is creating not only new forms, but also new content.

– Spectacular immersive shows;
– Creative storytelling by projecting images and video on buildings, people, water, trees … while the viewer is also a part of the action;
– Interactive games and 3D movies inside FullDomes;
– Interactive musical instruments;
– Special effects that respond to actor movements and audience reactions …
It is our conviction that the form alone is not enough, and it is impossible to both entertain and amaze using just content…
We create works of art … We demand the most … Freckled Sky – The art of digital entertainment …

Maybe it is easier to let their work speak for itself – here is their showreel.

Here we see a glimpse of the future of experiences. The combination of real and digital worlds. Very exciting and fascinating to think how the company is successfully ‘getting their message’ out there. It is a brave new world. 😎