I can remember as a child when banks in Australia only opened from 10am to 3pm Monday to Thursday and on Friday… Wow 10am to 5pm. I had a passbook and a money box that looked like this.


When I started work you were paid in cash. You physically had to go to a bank, stand in a queue for a teller to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Either transaction stamped in your passbook. As for convenience, if you ran out of cash on the weekend you had to wait till 10am Monday morning.

Then things, exciting things started to change. Exciting things.

Credit cards.


Then ATMs – cash now available 24/7


Then internet banking, mobile apps for your iPad or phone. Retail banking was changing. You could now interact with your bank across multiple platforms 24/7. You no longer needed to visit the bank, tap an go cards have reduced the need for cash (atm use is corresponding dropping) we even have with Bitcoin alternatives to cash.

So what is the future for retail banking – read what the future of banking looks like in this article American Banks & the Experience Economy

Yes – it is all about the customer experience 😎

And as for the future..