Seriously we do want your feedback – can you hop on line a fill out your SFU  – PLEASE

Today we emailed the following

Dear Managing Service & Experience students,

This is a reminder to please complete your 200273 Student Feedback survey’s (SFU’s) as it is greatly valued particularly given the nature of this unit. The SFU is an important part of the University’s quality assurance processes and your feedback is used to review units of study and teaching materials, to identify strengths and weaknesses and make necessary improvements where required. By the same token, we explored the importance of customer feedback in this unit and its ability to better improve the customer experience.

You will have received emails from the University Survey team (via your student email account) providing advice on how to access your SFU survey’s via your vUWS account. To provide your feedback, click on the link provided in your 200273 Managing Service & Experience vUWS site and you will go directly to the feedback survey for the unit.

So is it important – must be. There is even a request on Facebook.


Even has has a link SFU Feedback