It is is that time of semester when thoughts turn to the exam. So what will the exam look like? What does the special ‘open book’ nature of this exam actually mean?

Well what does it look like? Here is an exam we did earlier. Watch a short clip of the Summer exam. It should answer a couple of questions?

The following instructions outline the special conditions that apply for this 200273 exam only. Your unit is part of a unique trial. Enjoy (as best you can in an exam) being part of a cutting edge educational experience.

The following guidelines apply to the use of iPads/electronic devices in this exam:
• Only iPads, eBook readers, notebook computers, or smart watches are allowed – iPhones or mobile phones are not allowed. The existing rules relating to mobile phones apply.
• Students are responsible for ensuring the iPad/electronic device is prepared before the exam i.e. they are to ensure they bring and charge the iPad/electronic device, that it is working, and all documents are downloaded.
• Connectivity to the internet is not guaranteed for the exam.
• There will be no special consideration should the device fail or there are any other issues with the electronic device (e.g. no additional time, no deferred exam opportunity etc.).
• All sounds from the iPad/electronic device must be muted. Voice activation, music, Skype or Facetime (or similar) is not permitted. The use of headphones is not permitted.
• Academics will be present at each of the exam locations to monitor compliance.

Given the open book nature of the exam of course you can also bring in a hard copy of your text or any other notes.

You should view the potential use of an electronic devices or your text etc. as an aid only. You should not see them as a substitute for proper exam preparation. They are not a substitute for studying.

So, importantly what will the exam cover? Well there will be no surprises if you have been engaging with the unit.  Here is what was expected as outlined in week one.


As explained in the revision lecture and tutorial the exam is drawn from across all the topics addressed ( see the learning objectives set out in the learning guide), the last lecture highlights the topics and the tut addressed the main themes of the text. Sample questions have been regularly provided in class. There are past exams in the library. While surprise is important in experiences it is not in exams. 😂

The exam is two hours and the expectation is that it will take that amount of time to properly answer the questions in sufficient depth. Answer all questions. Answer the question asked not the one you think I should have asked. All questions are of equal value. Some questions will ask you to provide examples. You need to obtain 45% in the exam to pass the unit. The questions require ‘short answers’ you can write in these essay form or point form.


And and if you have any questions leave them in the comments.