Here is a short video offering a virtual tour of a shop in Tasmania.

For me what is of interest is the impact of this sort of easy to make and distribute video on experiences. How does the digital impact the experience. How does it change or build expectation? How does the video change the start of an experience? Or the memory of an experience? I think the impact of mixing real and digital worlds will significant offering dramatic possibility, and challenges, for the experience economy.

PS – one of the really exciting things about blogging is that it opens interesting conversations with all sorts of people. I posted this story based upon a FB friend’s status update, they are currently touring Tasmania, they had visited the store and had found the video above after searching (Googling) the web – I thought the video was to good not too share – it illustrates a point I have been talking about recently. So it was somewhat surprising to have another conversation later in the day on a similar topic.

A professional industry association breakfast in Sydney enjoyed futurist Chris Riddel talk about the digital revolution- the room was apparently divided- excited by the opportunity V’s frightened by the change.

Watch Chris – what do you think.