Alistair Humphries has just posted a fasinating blog article that details a list of books to inspire a microadventure. Read the post Here. The books range from the Book of the Biviy to Winnie the Pooh. Alistair suggests that “The hardest part of coming up with a decent microadventure is adding a hint of purpose to what would otherwise be mere aimless meandering.” This finding a suitable unifying theme is important for any experience – microadventure included.

imageShould be some useful ideas here to steal. One of the books that rates a mention is Waterlog by Roger Deakin. A book I have read several times This is a fantastic book that chronicles a trip around the UK wild swimming in streams, dams, pools, locks – the most fasinating wild places. It is easy to see how this book could inspire a local microadventure. A smile Internet search throws up a link to an article on some great wild swimming spots around Sydney.

Winnie the Pooh one of the the other books mentioned provides a different inspiration. I for one am off to find a stream and play a game of Pooh sticks. 😊