i have had a number of emails, tweets, messages & questions in class about what is required to be handed in for assignment two. I know people are worried by assignments but relax it is not life and death. It is only an assignment – the purpose is to let you try using the theory you should have been studying to create a FUN transformational experience in the spirit of a microadventure.

So again I will outline what I want to see. Just remember that each microadventure is different and you may need a slightly different set of materials

First let’s look at the marking guide – it gives a clear indication of each aspect of the assignment we will look for.



you need to convince me you understand the concept of a microadventure as initially set out by Alistair Humphries and that your activity is a good example of the spirit of a microadventure. It must be a challenge – it can be a physical, mental or cultural challenge or of course a combination. Explain your idea, we are looking for creativity not just pinching an idea off the web. It should be a fun interesting challenge. A transformational experience.


Here we are looking for

how you have designed your adventure (we suggested you use service design thinking tools ) – is it a microadventure

so here we will look for things like – The initial brain storming of the ideas. How the idea was then further developed – does the microadventure suit the intended demographic and have appeal to the target market. Have you use planning tools to develop the idea to appeal to various stakeholders. Is the microadventure planned/documented using things like journey mapping tools (there are free apps that would help). Have you used the journey map to help plan your photo shoot. Is the idea fun. What research did you do? Who did what jobs. What post microadventure evaluation did you do? What improvements would you make?

Experience Economy Theory

You are asked to use the relevant concepts of the theory of the experience economy to develop your experience. You should aim for your experience to be transformational. You need to demonstrate you understand the theory and can use it to advantage. For example (this is just one example of many potential examples) How does your experience hit the sweet spot of the four realms? How does it engage the senses? How does it appeal to the customers? Etc

iMove trailer

you are asked to produce an iMoive trailer of your microadventure – this is a exercise in planning ( thinking ahead, working out what photos are needed etc) and visual commication. It is also a chance to use the iPad you were given. So you must use one of the preset iMovie trailer templates and create a visual masterpiece that documents your microadventure and inspires others to want to tryout your idea. Release your inner Speilberg.

Planning Documents – documenting the actual experience.

here you need to provide enough information that somebody else can easily repeat your actual experience

so all the logistic details, maps, equipment lists, risk management plans, timetables, check lists, instructions etc etc. These need to be in a logical order together, in an easy to use format. ( you can be creative)

So that is what is required – be creative, make the assignment interesting and fun not just to fo but yo mark. It is a communication exercise. Prove you understand the topic, can use the theory to develop something exciting.

So hope this helps.