How do you advertise a nightmarish attraction? How do you set the scene for a scary experience?

So what is this House of Nightmares? It is the:

“Sally Corporation’s all new haunted attraction, House of Nightmares, is set to open in 2015 at Gröna Lund, the world renowned amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. This terrifying new attraction will bring visitors face-to-face with the evil Dr. Morphio in his old dark house where horrific nightmares await.

Specially designed for Gröna Lund, this one-of-a-kind walk through attraction will feature animatronic characters and props, CGI video effects, live wire illumination, video projection, Pepper’s Ghost illusions, ultraviolet illumination, and live performers”

Read more on the Sally Web site here.

The following video gives a useful backstage view of developing the final experience and an insight into work in the experience economy. Think about planning the experience, scripting, staff training – the whole concept of service/experience design. What of the servicescape? How important are the atmospherics?

So is it scary – this face tells it all 😱