firstly I am sorry the marking has taken longer than expected. The markers have experienced a couple of technical issues. But they are aware that people are not just anxious to find out their mark but would like some feedback.

So some general feedback for students from the markers

1 They need to see some Blog sites for examples which contain photos as many of theirs have missed the mark on Blog design. As a communication exercise more effort was needed.

2 Every photo must be included in the writing to show experience rather than at the end unrelated to the text

3 In-text referencing needs vast improvement

4 Need to learn basic format of a report (cover page, title, appendix etc)

5 No explanation of what is happening in photos – – – just stuck-in

6 Lack of credible references – research skills need vast improvement

7 Was told to put worksheet in as appendix – – – hardly anyone did

8 Justification section was badly done – – – did not explain why that particular 3 experiences were chosen

9 Servicescape was hardly linked to Bitner and experience overall

10 Discussion was mostly descriptive rather than analytical

11 Hardly used P&G realms

12 Very little relating to theory (in-text) in worksheet

13 Proof reading needs attention

14 Role of “learning excursion” was hardly answered

15 Photos needed to show experience and exhilaration of sorts – – – – – many were just the opposite – – – – snaps just taken as afterthought

16 Some did not have credible evidence to back-up they actually did experience

17 results with those who worked hard and followed instructions and advice getting D or HD. Others got C and P’s.Some who did not follow assignment instructions failed