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Japanese Facebook fans to experience live Melbourne web visit

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14 April 2015
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This Saturday, 18 April, a Japanese reporter will walk around Melbourne with a wearable camera broadcasting live to audiences back home via a special website set up by digital magazine Antenna.

Audiences of the Antenna website in Japan will get to experience the trip in real time and the reporter will respond to comments submitted during the broadcast and interact with viewers.

The live broadcast is part of a “Make a trip to Australia” campaign currently underway on Tourism Australia’s official Facebook page in Japan.

Since Tuesday 27 January, Tourism Australia has been inviting fans of its official Japanese Facebook page to provide their recommendations on Australian tourist spots to enjoy. Comments and posts from fans included attractions all over Australia however Melbourne was selected as the city receiving the most mentions in comments from fans during the promotion.

The ‘things to see and do’ sent in by fans have been brought together in a three-day itinerary to form the trip to Melbourne. The first and second day of the trip, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 April, will be covered by posts and photographs highlighting the travel experiences accessible by tram and train from Melbourne’s Flinders Street railway station.

Tourism Australia will continue to roll out further promotions focused on two-way communication with its Japanese Facebook fans.