One of the topics that we deal with during the course of the unit is the changing nature of work. What does it mean for the young people that sit in front of me in lectures? What does this unit contribute to the skills set that will be needed on the 21st C? Linked is an interesting report that focuses on a number of aspects of preparing for the future world of work. The digram below lists a desirable skill set. What are we doing in the unit to help you build/practice/aquire these skills? image Read the article here 21st Century Skills Or see the bottom of the linked page for the full report. So my question to students – what are you doing to prepare yourself to future proof your career? i would not leave it to old dinosaurs like me to interpret or decide what you need –  I would be pro active – it is your future.

I would also like to throw into the mix the question What are other students doing? We live increasingly in a globalised workplace where we compete internationally – what are others doing to prepare for the future?

U.S. School – video    Their video raises more questions