When I think back to my own student days (ok – it has been a while…) I used to wonder if the stuff we talked about in class was what concerned the industry. Bluntly, was the stuff I was studying relevant.? In a somewhat faster paced society the question is more poignant. What is at the cutting edge of industry discussion. One place that you do hear and engage with the latest ideas is conferences.

While the cost of registration, accomodation and travel (and time out) put many oppotunies out of reach it is good to find that some conferences now record many of the sessions and put them up online.

Adaptive Path is one company that has hosted conferences in the field of experiences and posted on line.

This video gives a taste of the conference but the link below takes you to 70 videos presentations that all address different cutting edge aspects of Managing Experiences.

Managing Experience Videos

when enough experiences is never enough