Here is another fasinating story about a career that I bet the careers advisor at school just never suggested.

Making a living as an Instagramer

Both the article and YouTube clip offer interesting insight not only into a remarkable lady but importantly into the changing nature of work and what it takes to succeed.

Constantly amazed at the growing importance of a broad range of soft skills, particularly multifaceted communications skills, needed in areas of work that on first glance soft skills seem less important than technical understanding.

This recognition of communication skills as important highlight just how signifcantly some professions are changing. Accountancy provides a great example. From the butt of Monty Python jokes to articles like this
Communication skills the key to accounting

The concept of the micro business is also fasinating highlighting the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in the new economy. Here is an novel take on entrepreneurship in a mobile world.

Take the bus to success

Interesting also is the mention of the doomsayers, Luddites, that can only perceive a negative in the growth of social media and the mobile environment. I hope somebody tells KPMG

I think the changing nature of work offers not just immediate challenges but longer term exciting possibilities.