One of the most common criticisms that students level at their studies is that what they are doing in the class room is just theory and bares no resemblance to what is happening in the “real world” (the world of business).

I think it is important to look at what business is talking about. Trade journal or magazine style publications used to be a the main source of information but today there are a variety of other forms of media that are easy, cheap and useful in broadcasting the business message. Social media particularly Twitter and YouTube have proved popular for businesses such as consultants to discuss latest thinking and to sell their services. With the increased focus of business on understanding experiences and experience design we have seen a huge growth in the experience conversation.

A link from a email this morning took me to YouTube and a plethora of videos discussing all sorts of aspects of the experience economy.

Here is just one link

Here is another

A simple search of YouTube will return you dozens of videos that will help you understand this area and hopefully convince you that what we are studying is relevant and will be useful.

And if videos are not your thing – check out this list of blogs.
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