So did you enjoy the sleep in? I know for many the concept of not having class can make the unit feel like it is on holidays. But that is a long way from the reality.

Week four in review.

Assignment one – the Learning Excursion.

Last week the tutorial time was given over to help facilitate networking within groups. Plans for the learning excursion should now be very advanced. Suitable experiences should have been researched and thought given to how the individual experiences will combine into a co ordinated and coherent learning excursion. Possible themes for discussion researched. Best ways of bringing the theory of P&G and Britnar to the fore discussed. Thought should be given to thinking also about how to best visually represent each of your experiences.

Here is a couple of photos of some early experiences.




Remember to send me via email or Twitter some of your best photos – it is good to show others what you are doing.

Also if you have any questions re the first assignment just post them in the comment section of the assignment one post here on the blog.

Assignment Two – The Microadventure

I know that assignment one is not even finished but you really do need to think about your Microadventure. Tuesday night at Lane Cove River Park (is this the closest camping ground to the CBD) provided me with a good chance to contemplate what would I do for my next micro-adventure.


I think I have an idea worth pursuing – a little bit more exciting and adventurous than this night.

Read Alistar Humphries discuss the importance of adventure.
Why Adventure is Important

Seems Alistar is also in the NY Times.

NY Times article

Know your customers

One reoccurring theme in the class, via this blog and Twitter is that it is you need to really understand your customers (here students). One way is to analyse existing behaviours.

Both vUWS and this WordPress blog other powerful analytical tools that document engagement with their respective sites.

Here are a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of the information being generated.

From WordPress

The vUWS site is even more powerful

Importantly vWUS also produces a report on the use of the unit site by each student. Frequency of use, time, sections opened materials viewed are all documented.

So what do I currently understand from all this data?
Well… Some of the things I discussed in week one are observable. Some students are engaging with significant material – interesting the video material is less than expected. Some students have very minimal engagement. A few have not even visited vUWS at all.

Engagement on both sites is very heavily focused on the learning guide and assignment one. This is a little disappointing given some of the more interesting stuff ( at least stuff I think is interesting) is ignored. The unit should, at least for some, be more than just getting through the unit with the minimal engagement with experiences.

Twitter use has only been engaged in by a few – something that surprises me given I keep getting the digital native thing thrust in my face. 😂 I think the simple act of retweeting industry tweets a easy and useful way to show the relevance of what you are studying. The Meerkat trial was interesting and a concept that is worth pursuing.

So that was week four – plenty should be happening.

And that textbook should be on its second read by now 😱😱😱