As an undergrad I remember being shown the following diagram in one of my classes.

The Concept of Flow

It was simple enough to understand. But like so many things in life that seem simple at first this idea was more complex and the implications immense.

But what is Flow? Here is the Wikipedia article to get you started. FLOW

Well the simple diagram has been updated – it now looks like this.


Did I mention I was lucky enought to actual hear Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi speak at UTS. He was brilliant to listen to. Not for the dynamic nature of his presentation but for what he said. Recently found him again in a TED talk discussing Flow in connection with designing experiences. View at

So join over 2600000 people who have watched this video where Csikszentmihalyi discusses Flow.

Is the concept of Flow critical to our understanding of experiences. YES!!!! The concept has been used to help design everything from cars to web pages. It is critical to understanding engagement. That elegant little diagram has stuck with me for years and has a lot to answer for.