Three weeks in and where are we?

This week’s learning workshop was focused on linking Pine & Gilmore’s experience economy theory with the first assignment. Using P&Gs consulting concept of a learning excursion we provided a list of tools that P&G suggest would be useful in analysing experiences. The tools provide a means to analyse and experience thus help build experience capital.

The workshop sides looked like

This is an important week as we transition from face to face mode to an blended learning driven approach that elevates the out of class experience. We move from studying theory to building experience capital.

Groups are formed, readings done ( seriously the lack of engagement with the two readings do far is a major concern.) text book begun. Bring on the first assignment.

For me the highlight was investigating the possible demise of lecture. The chance to live stream material using Meerkat and Twitter. what are the possibilities this technology opens up. The opportunity to have aplay was too strong.

How did the test go?

Well…… I learnt a lot. From the iphone battery life issues to the visibility and use of background colour of oh sides.
Surprised by two thing, the current lack of Twitter use by students despite the expectation and instructions in the unit outline. Not sure why I am having trouble selling the idea of Twitter to students? It seems such a brilliant device for engaging in industry related conversation.

The second is the excitement and support in the Blended Learning team for inovation. I think they see the huge potential in the use of some technology and what a game changer it could be.

Some photos


I don’t think face to face lectures are dead quite yet. But it was bit of fun to trial very new technology. I think aspects of what we trailed will remain. It is a brave new world.

The trial has really just begun.


And like so much of what we are doing here is the social media story taken from the SOB Friday Flash, the internal news blog.

Twitter in teaching