It is Monday morning, early, I can think of a number of places I would rather be rather than giving a lecture. It was insanely early when I leave home for the 210km peak hour drive to Campbelltown. Not only do I not want to be here, fairly confident that a couple of the students would agree we me if asked.

How much better would it be if we could find another way of giving lectures. My colleague Keith Parry, who is the resident UWS Twitter guru I known was challenge recently to give a lecture via Twitter – maybe that is an answer.

The challenge was a tough call…. Well beyond what I think many believe is possible. Recently I was lucky enough to hear Keith present to the Australian Dean’s Council Teaching and Learning on the use of Twitter in teaching.



I tried some of the things Keith suggested. But currently I struggle wit Twitter. I think it brilliant for keeping abreast of what the industry is talking about. Re twitting industry posts I think is a fantastic method of demonstrating that what we are talking about in class is what the ‘real world’ is also talking about.

So that was me and Twitter, up until last week maybe…

But now we the release of a new app for IOS devices called Meerkat that allows live streaming of video via Twitter. Now it tweeting a lecture seems doable. In fact today we have had a play. Part of my lecture this morning was live streamed via Twitter & Meerkat.

A big thanks to one of the students Grace for volunteering to leave the lecture and follow it via Twitter – a ground breaking experience. Not sure she quite realised that she is most likely the first student ever, yes ever, to watch her (well a small part) Uni lecture streamed lived via Twitter.

So here is her tweet.

A small start yes but another example of the new possibilities that the technology is presenting.

Very exciting.
Fairly sure we will be seeing a bit more of this symbol.


And yes there was the follow up social media story in the SOB Friday Flash.

Twitter in teaching