So the second week is done and dusted.

The lecture time-slot was devoted to introducing you to the concept of Bitner’s “servicescapes”.
Here to refresh you memory are the main points from the presentation.

The presentation follows the Britner article that was circulated by email and posted here on the blog earlier this week.

So at the conclusion of this week you have now been introduced to the two major conceptual ideas that shape the unit. You have briefly met Pine & Gilmore and been introduced to their concept of the Experience economy. Bitner & Servicescapes advance the concept of the “Stage’ that P&G describe. we are beginning to put together a very complex picture. Experiences and the space they inhabit. Initially students have traditional found the concepts seemingly easy to understand. It is only when they begun to engage with the concepts at a deeper level the complex emerges.

So while we have moved quickly there is much to still do.


There is stuff to be going on with (there will be heaps more too as the vUWS gurus work their magic and rid the site of the trolls & gremlins that currently seem to live there).

Check out your groups, think about the first assignment and all those fun places you can go to build that all important experience capital – so see you next week in the workshop where we explore how to have fun, learn some stuff about experience and get a Koala stamp on your assignment. 😉