So welcome to week One in 200273 😊

Hoped you watched my welcome video (particularly the last bit – Sydney at its best)

So did we do anything except muck about?

That’s the quick summary and here is what it looked like.




Some students are more glad than others that they signed the media release


So things to go on with – a bit of the to do list.

Have a look at & follow this Blog (add some comments 😉)
Get on Twitter& follow the unit @200273exp
Down load the Textbook (start reading it)

Readings – so far there is two -📚
vUWS – get on, have a look – be amazed
iMovies – bring out your inner Speiberg

But the big stars are….

Yes – we had a photo on Yammer, the internal UWS social media site, as part of a iPad initiative story. An yes one of those likes is from the VC.

So all in all a big week 😊