If you want to have a look at a most amazing experience then have a look at the Emirates Aviation Experience in London. It ticks all the boxes that Pine & Gilmore identify as important elements in the experience economy.

Is it Themed ✔️ Is there Memorabilia ✔️ Is it Staged ✔️ Does it offer a journey ✔️ And then there are the realms ✔️✔️✔️✔️ Does the experience hit the sweet spot ✔️

Have a look at the video

Then check out the web site



This is one of the best examples of the concepts of Experience Economy in action that I have seen. 😊

One of my favourite bits is the journey of your bag on checkin

And once you have browsed your way through all the videos and web site be ready to be truly amazed.
Here is the web link to the company that designed the Emeriates Aviation Experience – truely inspirational and a strong pointer of things to come.