Well the exam, and our second trial of an iPad exam, is over and despite stressing all semester the importance of surprise in any meaningful experience…
Anyway the exit interviews saw a degree of positivity (it’s exam ) with a generally favourable response to the use of the technology.

For those that want to relive the excitement of the exam – you can

Memorabilia is also available from our online store.

Well it is time for the marking


Maybe the last word should go to an unnamed student who tweeted me the following mid exam

@200273exp. #struggling

As an update

As promised I would raise the question with exams branch of coffees not being allowed in the exam room and just how distruptive and stressful this was for some students. At least two this morning had to gulp their lattes – obviously not good 😔 – I suggessted that we could maybe modify the exam cover sheet to allow coffee in much the same way as calculators are allowed in some exams. I even tried to appeal to their ‘short arms and deep pockets by suggesting “maybe exams could cost recover by selling coffee in exams 😂”

Again I was surprised by exams response, particularly their caviller and gung ho attitude. Here is what they are looking at – ” We’ve been thinking of coffees, muffins, massages…it’s all about the student experience.” 😂😂😂

It seems that the concept of exams is changing.