So you have been out and about experiencing experiences.
Building that ‘experience capital’. The ability to identify, deconstruct, analyse and reflect upon experiences is an important part of the learning in the unit. Pine and Glilmore use the Learning Excursion concept in their consulting business to encourage clients to investigate the concepts and practices of firms operating in the experience economy. They even published the following booklet explaining the concept and providing a set of tools for would be excursionests.


The notion of a planned, well researched excursion should not detract from participants to have fun engaging in a range of experience activities.

So what are you planning to investigate? The requirements of visiting different types of establishments provide some guidance but I still want you to engage with researching the possibilities.

So coffee – maybe visit the Grounds in Alexandria and say Hi to Kevin Bacon.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Or maybe you need some meat for a BBQ – no better butcher than Victor Churchill’s for a couple of chops and some snags.

There are hundreds of other experiences out there – not just in Sydney but all round the world.

An Air Safety video?

Maybe a drink?

Plenty to do – oh and don’t forget that ebook reading experience – I really do expect you to read the text, and use the concepts 😱

You maybe interested in who and where else the concept of learning excursions to understand the experience economy is used. Maybe I should have developed an app for you.