So the first week of Summer School 😊
Nothing like the sound of jackhammers to get us in the mood.

So after a little bit of an introduction it was down to business (do we really only have 5 weeks to get through all this stuff) – outline of the unit done, the blended learning approach explained and a to-do list posted.


Fair bit to get organised just to get started. And judging by the data reports from vUWS, the blog and Twitter it is a slow start for most (it’s only 5 weeks 😱). Only have about 1/3 of the requested selfies.

So down to theory – we had a quick lecture covering the general concept of the Experience Economy with a couple of stories as examples to start your thinking. I would now be reading the Pine & Gilmore article (see vUWS) and start on the text.

Also plenty of videos help explain the concept – like this one.

Ah the first assignment – when is it due? WHEN!!!!!
So we looked at the concept of a planned, researched “Learning Excursion” and started the student teams.
Planning for this assignment should be started.

We mentioned the second assignment – the micro-adventure – plenty of work to be done here 😁

So with groups formed it was over.

So plenty to be doing.