This is all we were given…. And told to be there at 4pm.

Somewhere in HCM City.

When the cab pulled from the outside it does not stand out. Drab in contrast to the brightly lit operations either side.


Then the detail starts to emerge. Fantastic detail.


Finally the name jumps out.


Walking past a pair of gargoyles you enter a fantasyland- it looks like you have landed on the set of a Harry Potter movie.

This place is straight from the pages of the experience economy – you are transported to a town in somewhereland. Familiar, hmm maybe but not quite. A world apart, a step away.  Places within a place. Each similar but different. Play area for children, private rooms, a movie theatre, a veranda bar, secret nooks all tied together by the theme. This is a place that will be an example in service and experience for years to come.
Impressive yes – Tim photographed seemingly every inch and had these spliced together using the iPad and iMovies within 1/2 an hour.

So what did this magical somewhereland look like? Here is a montage to whet the appetite.




This is a story to develop and delve into more deeply adding a sense of analysis. But it is late💤