Yes we are still talking about “that exam”. It created a little more of a stir than we imagined. Here is the latest update as published in the School’s Friday Flash.

Sharing our stories: innovating assessment with iPads

On Monday, 3 November, Lynnae Rankine-Venaruzzo of the Blended Learning Team and Colin Sheringham presented a workshop virtually to an audience in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was the mlearn2014: 13th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning and the workshop shared UWS’ experiences in using iPads in assessment.

In what is believed to be an Australian University first, an internet enabled exam where students could freely use their iPads to respond to exam questions was held at the University in July 2014. Our experience in using iPads in open book exams was a subject of keen interest to participants as the 10 minute allocated discussion time extended beyond 30 minutes. Attendees were interested in how students reacted to being able to bring in a mobile device into a formal exam room, how they used their iPads and what their results were like post examination.

There was some chatter on Twitter during the workshop about the UWS experience and an attendee discovered and shared an interview of Colin and Kate Alley speaking about the iPad exam.
Feedback from participants was positive and the conference organiser emailed later advising participants ‘loved the presentation and were impressed with the UWS implementation model’. The convenor also asked if he could come and work at UWS as we are ‘pioneers’ in mobile learning.

If you’d like to know more about the iPad exam, come along to the Designing for Learning Showcase where Kate and Colin are presenting at 10.30am. Register via MyCareerOnline.