Assignment one is focused on helping to build experience capital. As part of a planned learning excursion students are asked to go exploring businesses operating in the experience economy. Having started to read Pine & Gilmore it is time to match theory with practice. These learning excursions are a chance and start to analyse the various offerings. Is there a sense of theatre, how are the senses engaged or is there an educational component.

Once you start looking you begin to notice elements of the experience economy almost everywhere.

Everywhere? Well maybe not quite but…

Here is some photos of the new Coles East Village supermarket in Zetland.
There are many elements of the experience economy on display.


Engaging the senses? A coffee perhaps?


The visual?


Sound? There is the Coles radio šŸ˜Š

So is there theatre?

Dry aged beef maturing, colourful display of fruit and veg and then the deli counter.




Surely shopping cannot be an educational experience? Well?


Or travel the world learning about food. Maybe bring a little home….


As for the staff being actors on a stage Coles brochure pictured above highlights a butcher and fruitier. My favourite was just outside Coles at the butcher in the centre – performing on a purpose built stage.


As for other experiences in the centre, watch dumplings being made, take time out in one of the coffee shops or my favourite….

Have your Audi serviced.

Maybe this experience stuff is everywhere…