Well Alistair has final published his book on microadventures. It was released yesterday.


Like a big kid I preordered it as an ebook ( could not wait for delivery) and downloaded it last night. It is a fantastic collection of his microadventures and advice on their planning or execution. It would have been a huge help to many groups in planning their own microadventures in assignment two.

I have already decided I will set it as a text for the unit next year. Coupled with the current text it should provide next year’s cohort with a rock solid grounding for the group assignment. Hopefully it should give a much wider range of ideas to draw from than was evident this year. One of the interesting aspects is the advice on overcoming the apprehension on stepping outside your comfort zone and the benefits of thanking this risk.

For those that are interested you can order it via:

microadventures – UK Amazon link

Any way it is the long weekend – time to grab the biviy bag and head off on a little adventure.