Sitting in the local coffee shopping working, using the free wifi to keep in touch with the world. Emails answered, lectures written, phone calls made and importantly perpetration for tomorrow’s classes. Have just been talking to a guy that runs a micro online business selling motorbike parts globally.

What to say in the tuts and lecture about the changing nature of work, particularly in the context of the experience economy.

When Tim and I started to plan the second assignment we wanted something tangible that offered a process that allowed student to gain some practice in skills that are viewed as valuable in the dramatic changing work landscape of the 21st C.

Communication, teamwork, storytelling, production of new content all needed to be built into the activity. I thought the concept of the microadventure offered an interesting platform to practice some of these skills. The concept I thought had commercial potential. I was not the only one to think this – Alastair has now launched a commercial version of his idea.


The world now moves very quickly and presents new challenges. Nowhere more so possibly than the world of work. The delivery of this unit is a case in point – the technology used and the mode of delivery is a long way from what I had when I first started teaching. The team dinosaur joke is at times not funny as I struggle with new apps and the 24/7 approach to delivery.

Tomorrow the lecture is focused on this changing world of work and importantly what it means for young people just starting out.
This discussion is not confined by any means to this unit. Below in the image of a slide from the lecture on the right is a tweet sent by another lecturer (you should google James – pretty amazing guy).

His question provided a starting point for a conversation with my daughter who is only a few years older than most in this class.

Here is her response

Thought this post was interesting. When I started my cadetship my company didn’t exist, the technology it’s based on didn’t exist, the idea didn’t either, no one had really heard of this type of entity structure, there were no courses for my specialisation or subjects or training available.

Funny that was all in 10 years – wouldn’t have thought that at the start of an accounting degree I would be designing software to automate the accounting of SMSFs so that accountants could actually talk to their clients and talk them through their retirement plans and investments using a thing called an iPad. Pretty weird really.

That all happened in ten years – what will happen in the next ten? What will you be doing for a work? What skills will you need?