Yes we are busy marking the assignments ( despite what others think) and I am using online marking for the first time. No more red pen 😊 – they tell me once I get use to this online program, marking it will be faster, better, cheaper, healthier and contain less fat and salt – it will be fantastic and marking will become the highlight of the academic year – I am not so sure.

My first impressions are favourable but it does take getting use to and it is not as fast as they say. ( insert rant here about the speed of the internet – seriously how long does it to down load a couple of pages?????????😡😡😡 rant over – continue)


So far each assignment is taking about 15 mins to mark and there is over 200 – I did the maths once but had to go for a bit of a lie down when I saw the answer. Anyway if technology for marking is the way forward what I want is one of these (must be some BL funds for a least a trial 😉)


Anyway the internet has stalled again and I am waiting for the next assignment to download – on the desk is the text. So where was I up to in my re reading.

The bookmark seems stuck in chapter 4. (One thing a number of the assignments have show so far is some of us do not have a good strong grasp of the theory)

So then some questions – let’s see if you can answer these

How do we customise service to cater for the individuals needs?

What is this concept P&G talk about call “Mass Customisation”?

What is that customers want? P&G ask the question – is it variety or is it customisation?

With increased variety – is too much choice a positive?

How do you measure customer satisfaction?

And what exactly is the concept “customer sacrifice” ?

Well the next assignment is final downloaded – so back to the marking and I will leave you to go back to your studying.