Well today was submission day for assignment one

I suggest that we all may need to take a big chill pill.

I am off to have a Bex and a good lie down.

I am just as frustrated as you – so sorry

So thoughts from the next day

Firstly thanks for the comments – they started me thinking a little bit more about the problems, frustrations and the experiences of yesterday afternoon.

So – I always knew that some students may experience problems with the submission – the complexity of turnitin, 1st year students unfamiliar with the system, the stress of assignments and then the whole failure of technology when you need it most.

For me I had two levels of frustration – I had students contacting me stressed by the inability to submit their assignments. At around 5pm yesterday I took a 5 min call – at the end of the call I had 16 new emails to deal with – all related to the same topic – size of the file 😑. It was easy to tell some students ( and who can blame them) were fast becoming a bit stressed.

The second and more frustrating aspect is that a whole team of people jumped on board, embracing the experience economy principles to try and delivery a unit that provided a rewarding and fun experience. Negative cues ( yes a bit of theory here) like frustration with the technology needed to be eliminated (at best) or a least reduced. Yesterday afternoon all I saw was a large negative cue for some students ( other students for a range of reasons had no trouble uploading the file – 😫) This was not the experience we are trying to deliver.

On the other side of this frustration there was plenty to be very happy about. Firstly a number of students seemed to understand the problem and once they realised why it was happening and that they would not lose marks for lateness they were ok. This was reassuring so THANKS?

Then there was all those people I phoned for help – THANKS – I owe you.

While one part of the technology was generating some frustration other parts made me think about just how different and brilliant it can help make the experience.
Turnitin allows you to submit your assignments from anywhere – gone are the days of having to physically print out a copy (and pay for the printing) and then dropping that hardcopy into an assignment box located at the far end of nowhere on campus. This is an truly amazing step forward.

Email, vUWS and twitter all allowed messages to be sent in real time advising you of the issues and then advice on the solutions. I spoke to Paul our unit librarian and within seconds he was able to tweet out a fact sheet on possible solutions. That is amazing – one thing I have been impressed with in the unit is the ability of twitter to delivery information ( what we then do with the info is still another story) quickly in a global context. Twitter has for me provided a strong tangible link between classroom and industry.

The next stage is online marking – should be fun but one benefit is that you will be able to read my comments – and if I thought the other stuff amazing then this gobsmacking amazing.

Anyway all this has been interesting and part of the adventure.

I look forward to reading the assignments and finding out what experiences you have been up to.