This is one for the sports students ( ok others can read it as well).

Down at the cafe, working and watching Bear the three legged wonder dog do his thing.


One of the topics of conversation was the YouTube clip I did with the co owner Pete. Seems like he may have been getting a little ribbing from the ‘girls’ about his new star status. So just for a laugh we hauled out the iPad to watch the clip again. Next thing you know we are joined in conversation by a fellow from the next table – turns out he is a bit of a social media sporting celebrity. The famous Robbo of Mossy and Robbo fame.

So who are these guys you ask?

Who are Mossy and Robbo – the directors cut

To quote them, this is who they are:

Mossy and Robbo are Australia’s number 1 independent sports commentary team. We specialise in livestream coverage where we aim to boost the profile of the event and engage the audience. We use big hands, and occasional humour.

So check out their web site and have a look at what they do.

From the point of view of this unit I found this interesting a a number of levels. The use of new media to value add the sporting experience, what type of job possibilities there are for young people in the sport area, the use of social media and of maybe most interest – just how stimulating it can be to work in a public space using mobile technology.

So a bit more about Dave.

Dave is the Communications Manager for parkrun Australia. Dave ran his first parkrun on Christmas Eve 2011 at Main Beach parkrun on the Gold Coast, where he first met Tim Oberg. Instantly taken by the weekly, free, 5K concept, he founded Newy parkrun (Newcastle, NSW) where he currently lives, and continues to act as Event Director.
Always a keen runner, Dave combines his love of running with a passion for connecting people and has become the parkrun AU Social Media Guru. He also helps facilitate Traditional Media opportunities, and is a huge promoter of parkrun & its ability to transform lives and communities. Dave is also the Co-Host of the parkrun show AU podcast. Dave can be contacted at

You can view the Parkrun website here

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