So the groups are formed 😂 so now is the time to start coming up with that brilliant microadventure concept.

You have the link to Alister Humphries web site – he invented the concept and has a load of great ideas and some really useful advice. So you need to have a good read here first. Explore his site – he is an interesting person living an interesting life.

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Some groups have already asked what I think of their ideas – so I thought I should share a bit of my thinking about developing your concept.

Firstly, I like the approach Alastair suggests. I used it myself preparing for my big adventure last year.


I like the simplicity and the notion of escape. I like the fact it should challenge.

So for me a microadventure should be in the ‘spirit’ of what Alastair suggests. It should be:

A adventure – it should be a state of mind – a voyaging into the unknown, a proper adventure with hardships and surprises. And rewards.

It should make you step outside your comfort zone, stretch you mentally, physically or culturally.

It should be local.

It should be cheap.

It should be simple. – for example simple gear, simple transport (human powered or public transport – sleep out)

Short in duration – less than 24 hours.

Something new – outside your ordinary.

You need to have a sense of adventure, enthusiasm, ambition, openmindedness and great curiosity.

These are not ‘rules’ but part of the spirit.
This is not about buying somebody else’s experience – you have done that in the first assignment – this is about you creating the experience for yourselves. In our second workshop we will talk more about creating this experience. But you will have needed to have well and truly started to develop your ideas. (I have previously tweeted a couple of links with a hundred ideas to get you thinking) – if you want put a some ideas here as comments – get some feedback early (or if it is so fantastic you don’t want to share – send me an email)

Tim asked me what would I do for a microadventure

So here is a couple I have currently in the planning stage

A swim out to a little island and camp overnight

A bicycle run around an inner city area – to find the perfect espresso guided by one of the coffee apps.

But this is the next one

Watch a sunrise from the top of here. (Yes there is a path to the top)