Appears Dr Timmy is bored an wants to liven things up a bit.

As a kid I loved the Dr Seuss book Wacky Wednesday. For those not familiar with the book basically there are a heap of things that go wacky and “it all started with that shoe on the wall”. As you continue to read you have to find in the pictures on each page the different wacky things (if anyone wants a small side project I can still only find 19 of the stated 20 wacky things on the second last page)

Using this as inspiration I am setting you a similar challenge. The link below is a short video of a distillery tour at Jack Daniels, the video is produced by a group called the Experience Gurus and they use the terminology of Pine and Gilmore;

Jack Daniels distillery experience click here

I want to see how many Experience Economy references we can find in the video – some are explicitly mentioned using Experience Economy terminology and some are present but not mentioned. Write down examples of the experience economy you identify and add them as a post to this blog.

I will start off with two examples, one of which explicitly uses experience economy terminology and one which is more subtle;

· Experience Realms – “Escaping into another time and place” (1.02 minutes)
· Memorabilia – historical memorabilia (1.10 minute) – see if you can identifiy the free memorabilia which is offered as part of the tour

The tour is also a great example of the staging or an experience, in particular look at the ordering of activities and sites within the tour. Take note of the use of light in the different venues, the overall theming and engagement of the senses

Enjoy the video and lets see how many examples we can find.

So there is the challenge – I just need to finish a glass of JD first.