In week one I put up this overhead in the tutorial.


At the time I suggested that I had some concerns about moving interaction from a traditional highly structured week to week lecture/tutorial arrangement to that of a more flexible blended learning approach. While I always knew it would be good for some I was a bit worried by those that would not be proactive and keep on top of engaging with the unit.

It appears that my fears may have some base. I have just read the activity report for the vUWS site – while a few are making good use of the resources, many have looked no further than the learning guide and the lecture overheads (these are possibly the most boring bits 😔). Of more concern is a significant number of students who have not visited at all. Twitter and Blog use is still confined to only about a third of the class (yes I see the irony of putting this rant on the blog).

So my concerns are

You are missing some good stuff that will be of use.
You need a decent grasp of the theory to have any chance of passing the first assignment and second assignment
Oh yes there is that exam thing as well…😱
You won’t be able to contribute fully to your group and the other members will take you out and……

Yes I know it is Uni, yes I know that everything else is more interesting, yes I know you are busy working (and hopefully having a life) but…

Ok rant over 😤