So how are the learning excursions progressing? By now you should have all been out and about. So where have you been and what have you seen?

One of the good things about this unit has been the chance to not sit in the office but to go out and talk to people about what they are doing. For me one of my favourite working spaces is Cafe Inu.


It is a great cafe, fantastic coffee, good food, the best staff, free wifi (important for working) and then Bear the three legged wonder dog.

So this morning I took the opportunity to have a chat we Pete the co-owner about his cafe. Filmed on the iPad, with a background of a busy morning (it is Mum And baby o’clock) I asked Pete a few questions to give you an idea about his cafe situated in an old factory in a suburb that is undergoing gentrification.

YouTube Clip Cafe Inu

And of course no story about Cafe Inu would be complete without a photo of the star of the show – Bear the three legged wonder dog – arguably the worlds most patted creature.


Follow the cafe and the adventures of Bear on FB at

cafe Inu on Facebook