Yesterday I rang Brendan to ask if he would be ok if I used his image in our Blog.


When I explained why he was more than happy to help👍

I then asked if he could jot down 1 paragraph of what it was like to experience this real/ fake world of reality TV. Again happy to help here is his response.

The best word to describe being on a reality tv show is: surreal. Especially when I was at work (I work at large sporting stadiums) and ads featuring myself are playing on the big screen. Not only does the audience see you but also your colleagues and you walk into the staff room like a rock star! Not even going to the local supermarket is the same. Simply going to buy milk encourages quizzical looks and one brave person to ask “where do I know you from?” Or “how did you enjoy “it”?” Yet, without Bake Off I am sure I would not have crossed paths with the many people that I have, some of whom have become great friends.



So for some this world of real/fake that P&G discuss has become very much a reality.