So the groups…

We suggested in the lectures and tuts that you could form your own groups, once formed you needed to advise either Tim or myself. At the end of last week we had a list for two groups and two half groups. So with that in mind we asked Alyssa (the vUWS genius) to form up groups for everybody else and send out emails advising the people of their allocated groups.

This generated a flood of emails all with lists of new groups – well we will try (ok, Alyssa will try) to accommodate all these new requests.


Part 2

So the groups are formed and the email sent advising everybody (??? Sure we must of missed somebody) of their group. Alyssa has done her best ( and that to quote Kate is ” Awesome” ) to deliver on all the requests ( there was a couple of strange ones). However – one or two of the requests may not have been possible.


Here Alyssa is trying to work out just who “my two friends” are.

So the groups are done – it is now over to you to “micro adventure”