So after procrastinating about reading chapter two a bit surprised that I have dived back into the book so quickly. So what does chapter three hold.

P&G start with a description of The Game as an example of the ultimate type of experience. The blurring of the lines between real & fake. Reality TV P&G suggest is a good example of this blurring in practice.

In terms of reality of reality TV – for one former hospitality student it was a very real experience.


Brendan stared in The Great Australian Bake Off.

You can read a little about his story here

But it is not just the world of TV that P&G take examples from.
Themed & fine dining restaurants and shopping also provide fertile ground.


What do you think of the criticism of a lack of theme in shopping centres?

So Themes – we touched on this in the first lecture.

P&G suggest that developing a theme is a challenge. What they are these challenges?

In your learning excursions what themes have you observed? What ones seem to work well?

In the tuts I mentioned the Apple store and it’s theme.


So some questions;
What must a theme do?
What are the five principles P&G suggest?
How do themes work? And how do each of the principles contribute?

So to harmonising the impression with positive cues.

How do you use cues to create an impression for guests to take away?
What does this mean in practice?

So are there two types of cues? Mechanic (again we see the importance of engaging the senses) and Humanic cues.

Eliminate negative cues.

How do negative cues detract from a theme? Have you seen examples of this in your learning excursions?

So mix in Memorabilia

Why? But more interestingly what stuff have you collected?

Strongly resisted the urge to put in tack photo of souvenirs here.

Mix in the five senses


What examples of this engaging of the senses have you seen? What ways have worked well for you?

So to money!!!!

Why is payment for the experience so important to P&G ?

So Niketown – here is the London store

niketown London

Would you pay to shop? In the lecture I talked about paying to shop at trade show events such as The Motor Show.

Could not resist finding out about Puke & Snot

Puke & Snot

Got to love the internet. 😊

So more seriously how do P&G see the development of paying for experiences developing.

So another chapter ends with a few more pieces in the puzzle but still lots of questions waiting for answers.

Wonder when the next exciting chapter of the text will be Blogged (note this is lame attempt to build suspense in this experience 😁)


Ok just one snowdome 😇