Well I stalled long enough. Time to have a read of chapter two.


I found the start of this chapter raises more questions than it answers.
How has the rise in the virtual world helped focus our thinking and understanding of the real. One question for me here is your question of this different to mine – you are digital natives – I as an old dinosaur have seen and been part of the change.

The concept of place is now different – what in a virtual/real world does it mean – what are the changes and how does this impact on us? I think that mixing of the two offers exciting possibilities in the future with the potential to change how we live.

So that diagram


The diagram is elegant but does require some thinking – actually lots of thinking.

The entertainment realm is possibly the easiest to come to grips with – so let’s leave that and look at the other realms

The educational

What do you think about what P & G suggest? Is this what you want/need as students?
What do you think about the concept of blended learning? What will it mean for you as students? How is it working from your perspective in this unit? ( I have tried to share some of my thoughts on my view)

The good thing is that P&G recognise that learning should be FUN – we are at least trying to do this.

The escapist

This realm should start you thinking about the micro adventure – what is needed for this to fulfil the needs of this realm?

The example of how much time we spend on the web is interesting and insightful – if you have been actively following the twitter feed you would have noticed that online experience design is quite sophisticated.

The esthetic

This realm I find both the most interesting and difficult to get a real handle. I know it is an experience I have sought myself but don’t fully understand why? This is particularly true when the concepts of real and fake are added.

So building an experience – how do we build a better mousetrap?

It is not enough to understand each of the realms we need to understand the interaction between the realms. This is why we have asked you to embark on your learning excursions and build some experience capital. We want you to realise the complexity of what is being discussed by deconstructing the everyday.

The sport example is I think quite good and should make particularly the Sport management students think about the sport experience.

I think the request by P&G to get you thinking about building a better experience is timely and one that should now be occupying your thinking. How does understanding the realms help? What of this so called sweet spot?

Maybe that is enough for now..


But would be interested in your thoughts – post a comment 😉