Well I am not convicted that this first assignment is too bad – in fact I think it can be a bit of fun.

Yesterday I set out on part of my own Learning Excursion to have a go a a sporting experience. A three hour coaching clinic with surf ski legend Oscar Chalupsky.


So three hours on hearing the great man talk about building technique and his philosophy of down wind paddling.

So what did I think – brilliant, worth every cent. He had us doing simple drills that highlighted the mechanics of paddling and showcased the advantage of proper technique.


Here I am in ‘waist deep’ water (I am the old bloke at the back) trying to experience the power of a wing paddle when used properly.


And yes the high vis cap was a piece of signed memorabilia ( had to get some theory in there somewhere 😉)

So I had fun – learnt something ( so yes transformational) and now have a heap of things to go away and practice. Hope some of your experiences turn out as well.


And a big thanks to Mark at Expedition Kayaks for the photos and organising the session.