It seems to be the morning for food stories on my email this morning. Both also generated a few comments on FB.

The first is a list of the top 50 restaurants in Asia.


Of particular interest is the top chef – David Thompson – an Australian cooking Thai – I have been lucky enough to eat in David’s restaurants when he was living in Australia – fantastic food and memorable dining experiences. The first place was an upstairs dining room in an old pub in Newtwon. So he has certainly moved up in the world. Also keep your eye out for his cookbook – gives a great insight into Thai food.

The second email provides a link to a letter from a chef to somebody starting out in the kitchen.


I think this is worth reading for any student of any course – it gives an interesting insight into the world of work and the conflict between the pragmatic and the dreams.

Together the two emails made me stop and think about all the hard work that goes into making a successful dining experience ( or any experience).

In a few weeks time we will be taking about this working in the experience economy – it is worth thinking about all the hard work but also the rewards – including in David Thompson’s case of global fame.